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Our Services

We Are The design agency

Webzeee offers a wide range of web designing, development and online marketing services to market the business on both organic and paid platforms effectively. Creating a memorable experience to the consumers.

No matter what products or services you sell we have a story to convey your consumers, delivering the value and generating revenue for your business.

We help to make your world better

The services that we providing

We thrive on working with passionate clients who are looking to build their brand towards the next potential level. And your search ends here.

  • 01. branding

    We first discover what is unique about your business. Second, we start designing and developing the work by creating logos, website, content and then effectively market your business using growth methods.

    What we create ?

    1. Brand strategy
    2. Branding, Brand slogans, Taglines
    3. Visual Identity
    4. Business Collateral
    5. Logo Design
    6. Marketing materials
    7. Brand Guidelines
    8. Build a Campaign

  • 02. Image Editing Services

    As we know being a photographer or an agency who is dealing with lots of clients with large batches of images to get edited within less time becomes hard to retouch every image. We got a team of professional photo editors who got 5 to 6 years of experience in photo editing using advanced photo editing tools to delivery the quality according to our client needs. We are capable of solving your bulk image editing work in less time.

    What we create ?

    1. Image Editing Services
    2. Image Retouching Services
    3. Image Clipping & Manipulation Services
    4. Automobile Image Editing Services
    5. Realestate Image Editing Services
    6. Photo Restoration Services

  • 03. Digital Marketing

    We know what marketing strategy you need to succeed in doing online marketing. We do marketing research to understand the current demands of the consumers and plan marketing strategies to bring awareness and to improve your ROI.

    What we Offer ?

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    3. Paid Advertisement
    4. Content Creation
    5. Inbound Marketing

  • 04. Multimedia Production

    Every brand needs a promotion to stand out from the crowd in the existing trends. And it can be Only achieved through the strategic way of advertisement available in the market and here

    What we Offer ?

    1. Photography Style Guides
    2. Custom Photography
    3. Photo-packages
    4. Motion Design
    5. Custom Videography
    6. Marketing Videos

  • 05. Interactive & Visual Designs

    Making Interaction design for the entire application. Wireframes will be developed with annotations. It is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems and services. While the digital side of this statement is true, exploring how a user might interact with it.

    What we Offer ?

    1. User responsive Designs
    2. Iconography
    3. Typography
    4. Visualization
    5. User Interface design that supports in Desktop, Android and IOS

  • 06. Web Design & Development

    We do it step by step by analyzing your brand needs and start researching your competitors, latest trends. User Experience (UX) is everything for your website. UI (User Interface) that guides your visitors through your site.
    Development phase in evaluating customized coding, testing and analyzing each development phase in bringing up the digital experience in real life.

    What we create ?

    1. UI / UX Design
    2. Mobile / Desktop Responsive
    3. Content - Driven Design
    4. Application development
    5. Informational Website
    6. E-Commerce Platform

  • 07. RESTFul API

    We develop robust API architecture and security protocol solution for your business that covers development, integration, documentation and maintenance of APIs. We develop and test every component of API before it reaches your hands. Our programmers have gained 3 to 4 years of experience in building API solutions as per the business model.

    What we Offer ?

    1. APIs for Web development
    2. API for Mobile app development (Android and IOS)
    3. API Call management platforms for logging and authentication.

  • 08. Mobile Application Development

    We allow your website or web page to get views on the internet. Our company provides high-speed performance and security to host your domain on our server with no risks. And also if you don’t have a domain and are looking for one, then we will also help to create a domain for your organization.

    What we Offer ?

    1. Mobile App Development
    2. Mobile App Design
    3. Tablet App development
    4. Cross - platform Development

  • 09. Server Hosting & Maintenance

    We allow your website or web page to get viewes on the internet. Our company provides high-speed performance and security to host your domain on our server with no risks. And also if you don’t have a domain and are looking for one, then we will also help to create a domain for your organization.

    What we Offer ?

    1. Website Hosting
    2. Wordpress Website Hosting
    3. Webmail Access
    4. Domain Maintenance & Support
    5. Antivirus Support
    6. Also, technically we will be supporting in need of help through troubleshooting like (email support, renewal of your domain name).

Let’s us collaborate to bring your brand alive.

Our Project Development Modus Operandi

As being a branding firm, we are self-assured to manage corporate projects, retaining time and money in delivering the results and minimizing the risk. We follow an agile methodology to execute the whole process step by step to accomplish our client goals.


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