Our team is quite capable of blowing the clients out of their brains with their spark of brilliance in a variety of fields. We have expertly trained Hitmen/Hitwomen, Pilots, Marines, Paratroopers and retired Army Generals to guide us with our missions for clients. Our range extends to industries such as art, government sites, tourism, jewelers, fast food, education, and consumer packaged goods. All the members of our team have volunteered for the Resistance Army in the fight against Darth Vader and The Sith Lord, and are ready for more. These are just a glimpse of the possibilities of our extensive talent pool at your disposal.


A resume is a document that provides the Recruiter a small glimpse of the Resume holder’s general details like his/her Educational qualifications, skills, achievements, objectives, and other extracurricular activities. It is the first step of the screening process before being considered for an interview. It is the most important document while applying for a job, and is taken into consideration by the recruiter only if it is strong enough for an interview. The stronger a resume is, more are the chances of getting to the holder to get to the second level of screening, which is an Interview.


We are providing a free workshop on Resume building for second year and final year college students. We will help the students to build a strong resume and help them in every step of the way of building a resume. The workshop will be conducted in the college campus and the students can enroll on the spot.


Webzeee entertains final year students with a bonafide certificate issued from the respective colleges for a maximum of 3 months stint as an Intern in our concern. We will train, mould and shape the Intern so that he/she would leave with more knowledge and skills than when they arrived.

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